A sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs is an official letter written to the personal referrer asking for referral or recommendation and proper assistance regarding the banking career. It gives a quick lead in the race of a flourishing banking career as personal referrals can work wonders for you in your expedition of job search. A lot of candidates are indecisive in requesting for a personal referral from their referrers. But, truth is that the referral requests are welcomed by the referrers and they take it as a responsibility to provide appropriate referrals to the candidates, thus helping them to reach their career aims and objectives.

The finest way to request for a personal referral is by sending a cover letter to your referrer than giving a phone call as it can be easily declined, but a cover letter can at least make the referrer think over it. Your application gets a close look from the employers, when your application says that you are referred for the position. Personal referrals are so far the best source of getting hired for the particular position. Basically, you amplify your probabilities of getting selected for the job.

The banking cover letter to personal referral has to be drafted in a professional and formal way. Avoid being casual with your referrer even if he/she is a known person. Give details about your education, experience, abilities and talents that will help the referrer to guide you accordingly. Be precise and direct and avoid adding unnecessary information. Ask for appropriate directions and end the letter by thanking your referrer for his/her consideration.

This is a sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs.



Douglas P. Patton  
Senior Manager  
Bank of Florida  
3191 George Street
Gainesville, FL 32601  
Date: February 13, 2012

Harlan D. Moore
505 Foley Street
Jupiter, FL 33478
(954) 707 3223

Dear Mr. Patton,  

I got your contact details from a job portal while I was browsing the inter net. I am writing this letter to gain some guidance and proper directions from your side in the form of a referral.

I am banking graduate from New Banking Institute. I have also completed a professional course in Banking & Financial Services. I have in-depth knowledge about various aspects of retail banking. I understand that banking is an active and rapidly transforming profession where I need to be steady and ready to learn new things. I want to become a bank manager as I firmly believe that I do possess the required skills and potential.  

I request you to recommend my profile to the organizations that you are aware of and share your experiences that will guide me appropriately to a successful banking career. Thanking you for your time and consideration.   Regards,   Signature   Harlan D. Moore

Now you can start drafting an excellent personal referral cover letter with the help of a sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs and prove yourself being worthy  of being referred.    

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