Acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs is an official document that is drafted to the employer after the applicant has received the job offer. Acknowledgment cover letter demonstrates the applicant’s thankfulness to the reader for offering the job and also indicates that he has received the job offer. Above and beyond illustrating your professional gesture of acknowledgement, the job offer acknowledgement letter also provides sufficient time for the applicant to make the right decision regarding the job offer.

It is always suggested that the candidate should draft an acknowledgement cover letter to the recruiter before accepting the job offer. By doing this, the candidate can maintain the desired interest of the employer in his profile and in the mean time, he can research more on the company so as to facilitate himself in the decision making procedure. Proper planning and research about the position and the organization is vital before accepting any job offer. An acknowledgement letter can easily do the job of buying some time from the employer to do the same.

As recommended, the acknowledgement cover letter should reach the employer’s desk within a day’s time after successful achievement of the job offer from the organization. This letter should be formatted formally with the usage of professional font. It should display your professional business attitude and eagerness towards your job. Give your surety to the recipient that your decision related to the job offer will be in support of the organization and your career goals as well.

Here is an example cover letter for acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs. You can use it for your reference.

Walter R. Bridges
Recruiting Manager
Premier Hydraulics
3384 Front Street
Pontiac, MI 48342
Date: April 29, 2012

Thomas R. Pierce
3465 Duff Avenue
White River Junction, VT 05001
Phone: (802) 458 8839
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Bridges,

This is a great opportunity to acknowledge your job offer letter that has offered me the position of Components Engineer in your esteemed organization. I extend my gratitude for offering me this position and appreciate your consideration of my profile for this position.

I believe that it is a tribute for any candidate to work with your organization where one can make a good engineering career. However, I would be revealing my decision by May 15, 2012. You were very helpful in providing me enough time to make my decision regarding your job offer. I will put in my best to make my decision in the interest of both your organization and my career objectives.

Please contact me as per your convenience using the above mentioned contact details for any queries. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas R. Pierce

Take heed that you do not make any typographical or grammatical errors in your acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs.Read out your cover letter or proof-read the same before sending it to the recipient in order to guarantee an error-free document.

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