It is of prime importance to always be courteous to the management of the company that has given an opportunity to you to showcase your talent and a chance to get employed. The best way to approach such a scenario is by writing a thank you letter in which you put forth your words of gratitude and how grateful you are to them for providing you with a platform to prove your mettle.

If you follow your interview with a thank you letter, the management will realize that you are mature and the fact that all the hard work they put in organizing interviews has been appreciated by the applicants who respect the company.

If you have found this article worth your time then kindly take a look at the sample given below to have an exact idea of what it is about. You can edit the contents according to your needs and give relevant details related to your profile.

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

Stephen A. Perry
3305 Heliport Loop
Bloomington, IN 47404, USA
Phone Number: 812-731-7994
Email Address:
Date: 1 November 2009

Maynard A. Carroll
HR Manager
PQR Pvt. Ltd.
2849 Fittro Street
Winthrop, AR 71866, USA

Dear Mr. Perry,

I am writing to you in order to show my honest gratitude for providing me an opportunity to appear for an interview to get a job in you esteemed company. It was an amazing experience, and I was privileged to have been chosen. I would further like to point out that the facilities provided during the time were thoroughly professional and the management helped every candidate whenever they needed any assistance.

The interview and the entire process has instilled new vigor in me, and I feel I am more confident than I was before. I am in awe of the services you provide in your company and the way in which tasks are carried out. It is my belief that the experience in visiting your company will help me in all spheres of life and hope that you will not only keep up the levels of excellence but exceed them consistently as well.

If you have any queries about my job profile then kindly get in touch with me through the details provided in the above section. I wholeheartedly thank you for taking out the time to go through my entire profile and organizing such an impressive interview process.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen A. Perry

1. Copy of experience certificates – exp letter.doc
Have you ever received an offer letter from a company to which you have applied? It is an exhilarating feeling knowing that all the hard work you put in your education, interview, documents, and your career, as a whole, has finally paid off. Despite the pleasure the offer letter from the company has brought, it might end up disappointing you and this arises in cases where you have been offered a very low salary as compared with your expectations.

Do not be ruffled by the situation, it is your right to negotiate the salary estimate given to you. The best way to do so is by framing a salary negotiation letter in which you should put forward your views about the salary and can write why you deserve a better figure. Your prime concern while drafting the letter should be not to be too worked up about it and always be polite while explaining your grievances.

Try to find out how much salary the other candidates with similar abilities and experiences as you are being paid. To get a better idea of framing the ideal letter here is a sample salary negotiation before joining letter for your convenience.

Sample Salary Negotiation before Joining Letter

Randolph M. Graves
2989 Prospect Valley Road, Wilmington, CA 90744, USA
Phone Number: 310-952-0509
Email Address:
Date: 6 September 2009

Alfonso T. Green
HR Manager
XYZ Pvt. Ltd.
2957 Passaic Street, Washington, DC 20036, USA

Dear Mr. Graves,

I am extremely pleased on receiving an offer letter from your esteemed company XYZ Pvt. Limited. The name and reputation of your company goes beyond our national boundaries, and I am proud to be a part of such a prestigious company. All the hard work that I have poured in throughout my career has finally paid off and I will certainly be grateful to the management who has hired me.

I am comfortable with the company policies, rules, and regulations, and I shall appreciate it further if you would consider revising my compensation package. I am well aware of the fact that many candidates will do anything to be employed in a company like yours but if my compensation package could be increased by a margin of 35%, I believe it would do justice to my achievements, skills, and experience.

I solemnly thank you for taking out the time to go through this letter and hope you will get in touch with me as soon as possible through the details mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely,

Randolph M. Graves
Reference letter is a cover letter in which you ask your senior or alumni to give you a reference for a job and ask for the details as well. It is not the usual cover letter that we use in our day-to-day lives, but it is important in some cases nonetheless.

In these kinds of cover letters, you can courteously enquire about a kind of job you would like and if it is available or not. However, kindly refrain from being too assertive while writing such a cover letter as it would not portray a positive image across to the person of interest.

Pay close attention to the sample reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni given below and use it to draft one of your own.

William N. Pierce
AGF Pvt. Ltd.
167 Worthington Drive, Rylie, TX 75235
Date: 11 March 2009

Ron M. Day
672 Hazelwood Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309, USA
Phone Number: 515-477-0256

Dear Mr. Pierce,

I am writing this letter asking for a reference towards a job that I hopefully would be best suitable for me. I have always performed well academically in the College of Engineering and have competed in several competitions and won several laurels as well. I have gone through a rigorous internship course at YXZ InfoTech and believe that I am well versed in the field of Information Technology and hence would like to enquire if you would provide me with a reference for a job that best suits my profile. I think I should go for a company that is fresh in the corporate world and is small or medium sized which will give me an opportunity to grow along with the company. My job target would be a post with electronic and chip designing content, either in VHDL or in the VLSI field.

I am attaching all my relevant documents along with this cover letter for your convenience and have attached my resume as well. Please do me the honor of granting me a reference letter if you are aware of any job that would be suitable for me.

I will really appreciate if you would do the needful and provide me with the details as soon as possible. I hope to hear from you soon, and kindly contact me on the phone number mentioned above or the email address provided in the contact details.

Yours Sincerely,

Ron M. Day


Certificate of excellence in VHDL symposium
Reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs is an influencing and a practical method of requesting for suggestions and advices that are suitable for your engineering career. The suggestion reference cover letter can be addressed to your seniors, professors, employers or alumni who are experienced and knowledgeable individuals and are capable of guiding you correctly in your career. It is best to get guided and directed from such personnel so as to choose the right field and take up a job that goes well with your profile. This will secure your career and further assist you to develop and excel in your profession.

In the field of engineering which is widespread and developing with the passing of time, candidates prefer receiving the valuable assistance for their engineering career from their superiors. However, this request for proper guidance related to the career needs to be presented in a formal manner without any illustration unprofessionalism or negligence. Composing a suggestion reference engineering cover letter is a fine technique which demonstrates your eagerness and professionalism towards your engineering career. This also impresses the reader about your concern towards the preferred job and compels him/her to lead you appropriately.

In your suggestion reference cover letter, you are required to indicate the source from which you received the reference of your recipient and mention the reason for drafting this letter. Inform the reader about your preferences for the job you are looking for in your letter. Include your abilities, achievements, qualifications, experiences and other areas of expertise so as to aid the person to channel you rightly in your job hunt procedure.

This is a sample cover letter for reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs.


Hugo A. Cochran
Project Manager
Congenial Engineering Limited
2109 Ash Street
Irving, TX 75063
Date: May 11, 2012


Charles C. Lawrence
4324 Valley View Drive
Brookline, MA 02146
(617) 730 1741

 Dear Mr. Cochran,

I got your reference from Mr. Adalberto S. Dennis who is the Sales Manager for Innovative Machines Ltd. It is a pleasure writing to you to receive appropriate suggestions and directions regarding my career from an expert and proficient individual like you.

I possess a profound knowledge about the manufacturing process of automobiles and keen interest in this field. I keep myself updated about the modern procedures and appliance used for manufacturing. I have worked with Apocalypse Engineers as a Production Engineer and was responsible for the designing and improvement of manufacturing equipments. It would be obliged if you suggest me the names of the organizations who are currently hiring candidates with similar job profile.

I have duly attached my resume and experience letter for your reference. I thank you for taking out your valuable time from your busy schedule and considering my letter.


Charles C. Lawrence

Make sure that you eliminate all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors from my reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs. Proof-read the same to avoid any display of inattentiveness in your cover letter.
Reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for engineering jobs is a formal document that is composed with an objective of achieving suggestions and guidance from the senior or alumni for your engineering career. Apart from demonstrating your professional demureness, a suggestions reference cover letter addressed to your alumni makes him fascinated and interested to provide you with appropriate directions regarding your career. A suggestion reference covering letter also puts to display your politeness towards your recipient and dedication towards your profession.

The most common way used by the applicants for requesting a suggestion is by making a telephone call or sending a snail mail. However, this seems to be a casual approach towards your recipient which may not impress him to give you an advice for your career. Drafting a suggestion reference cover letter to your senior associated with your field is an exceptional and unusual manner of receiving leadership and assistance concerning your career. This will make you noticeable in the eyes of the recipient and thereby, maintain your prospects of continue receiving professional assistance for your career.

The candidate needs to provide his educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and the areas of proficiency in his suggestion reference cover letter. The candidate can also indicate his expectations and preferences for the job he is looking for. This will aid the recipient to guide you as per your job profile. The letter should be written formally using professional language. There should be no casualness or informality depicted in the letter even though you are acquainted with the person.

Here is a sample cover letter for reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for engineering jobs.


Phillip W. Finney
Project Manager
Lopez Magnetic Incorporation
453 Woodland Terrace
Sacramento, CA 95814
Date: May 5, 2012


Earl G. Brunner
1428 Smith Road
Austell, GA 30001
(770) 948 8873

Dear Mr. Finney,

I am drafting this letter to you with a purpose of receiving proper advice and guidance regarding my career in the engineering field. My enclosed resume will brief you about my job profile in detail.

I have completed my internship program with Fair magnetic Corporation which greatly assisted me in developing my practical skills. I want to join an organization that is new to this engineering industry so that I will get an opportunity to grow and improve my knowledge along with the organization. I am looking for a position which has a profile related to Electronic and Chip Designing Content, preferably in VHDL or VLSI sector. I have no issues with travelling and therefore, I am ready to relocate.

I request you to help me find my preferred job as per my profile that will assist me to boost in my career. Thank you for your time and considering my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Earl G. Brunner

With reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for engineering jobs you can compose an influential suggestion reference cover letter that will get you accurate suggestions for your engineering career.
Follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs gives an opportunity for an aspiring applicant to outshine himself among the host of applicants, who are looking for a job in the engineering field. This effortless procedure of following up the telephone call makes you appear as an apt candidate for the position you have applied for. A telephone follow up cover letter is drafted to the recruiter after receiving the interview call or a call regarding any job opportunity in the organization. At most times, it is used for illustrating your thankfulness and gratitude for considering you suitable for the job. It also confirms your presence at the interview as per the schedule.

In addition, the telephone call follow up cover letter reflects your professionalism and eagerness for the job and that you are concerned about the recruiter’s call. By following up, you inject your correctness for the job in the mind of the employer prior to the interview which gives you a good start up in your recruitment procedure. Keep all your exhilaration and excitement aside and reserve some time for composing a well designed follow up cover letter after you receive the interview from the employer. This is an excellent chance to reinstate your relevant credentials to the reader and thus, amplify your prospects of attaining the job.

Do not be behind schedule while drafting your follow up cover letter. If possible, try to send it immediately, preferably within 24 hours, after receiving the interview call. Keep your letter short and specific with the usage of simple language and maintain a pleasant flow throughout your document.

This is an example cover letter for follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs .

George C. Hamlin
Recruiting Manager
Provincial Robotics
4968 Charack Road
Bloomington, IN 47408
Date: May 4. 2012

James Y. Watson
1684 Winding Way
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 702 7236

Dear Mr. Hamlin,

I was happy to receive your call this morning. Thank you for calling me and informing about the various job openings in your reputed organization.

This conversation was beneficial for me as it cleared all my doubts and enlightened me about the roles and responsibilities of different positions. It gave me a chance to measure my skills and credentials according to the employment opportunity that will go best with my job profile. I have done my Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and have an engineering experience of four years as a Mechanical Engineer. I would like to continue in the same field and request you to consider me, if I am suitable for any such job in your organization.

It would be great if you schedule an interview for me in this regard. You can contact me anytime for further procedures. Thank you for your time and consideration.


James Y. Watson

Follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs is an important step, where you show your appropriateness for the job and distinguish yourself from other contenders in the competition.
Acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs is an official document that is drafted to the employer after the applicant has received the job offer. Acknowledgment cover letter demonstrates the applicant’s thankfulness to the reader for offering the job and also indicates that he has received the job offer. Above and beyond illustrating your professional gesture of acknowledgement, the job offer acknowledgement letter also provides sufficient time for the applicant to make the right decision regarding the job offer.

It is always suggested that the candidate should draft an acknowledgement cover letter to the recruiter before accepting the job offer. By doing this, the candidate can maintain the desired interest of the employer in his profile and in the mean time, he can research more on the company so as to facilitate himself in the decision making procedure. Proper planning and research about the position and the organization is vital before accepting any job offer. An acknowledgement letter can easily do the job of buying some time from the employer to do the same.

As recommended, the acknowledgement cover letter should reach the employer’s desk within a day’s time after successful achievement of the job offer from the organization. This letter should be formatted formally with the usage of professional font. It should display your professional business attitude and eagerness towards your job. Give your surety to the recipient that your decision related to the job offer will be in support of the organization and your career goals as well.

Here is an example cover letter for acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs. You can use it for your reference.

Walter R. Bridges
Recruiting Manager
Premier Hydraulics
3384 Front Street
Pontiac, MI 48342
Date: April 29, 2012

Thomas R. Pierce
3465 Duff Avenue
White River Junction, VT 05001
Phone: (802) 458 8839
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Bridges,

This is a great opportunity to acknowledge your job offer letter that has offered me the position of Components Engineer in your esteemed organization. I extend my gratitude for offering me this position and appreciate your consideration of my profile for this position.

I believe that it is a tribute for any candidate to work with your organization where one can make a good engineering career. However, I would be revealing my decision by May 15, 2012. You were very helpful in providing me enough time to make my decision regarding your job offer. I will put in my best to make my decision in the interest of both your organization and my career objectives.

Please contact me as per your convenience using the above mentioned contact details for any queries. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas R. Pierce

Take heed that you do not make any typographical or grammatical errors in your acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs.Read out your cover letter or proof-read the same before sending it to the recipient in order to guarantee an error-free document.


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