Construction job cover letter for civil construction jobsis the one that can heighten your prospects of getting into any construction job. A cover letter is advantageous aspect in a candidate’s hunt for acquiring his desired job. It is measured as the best intermediate of corresponding to the prospective employer. By attaching a well designed covering letter to your resume, you make yourself separated as the right contender for the applied job.

The key purpose of composing a resume cover letter is to bring to light the imperative ingredients of your resume. It is an improved way of elucidating the optimistic parts of your resume to the employer. Often candidates end up composing generic cover letters by referring to sample cover letters that they might have received through various sources. The candidates need to avoid doing the same and draft a self composed cover letter that is tailored according to the requirements of the job.

You need to give an obvious reason for writing the letter to your prospective employer. Explain why you consider yourself as an appropriate candidate for the particular position you have applied for. To support your explanation, you can draw the attention of the reader towards your experiences, skills, talents, capabilities and education that is applicable to the job. Tell the employer how you can be an important advantage to the organization.

This is the best sample of construction job cover letter for civil construction jobs. You can refer it to draft a well imposing cover letter.


Matthew R. Ragan
HR Recruiter
Superior Constructions
3782 Star Trek Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Date: March 23, 2012


Nicky J. Stackhouse
3572 Peck Court
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (949) 512 9281
Email Address:

Reference: Referred by Jesse B. Downey, Project Manager, Fine Construction Ltd.

Dear Mr. Ragan,

I wish to apply for a construction worker job in your adored organization. Mr. Downey, who is experienced personnel in the construction industry, gave me your reference for this particular job profile. Please find an enclosed copy of my resume with this letter.

I have completed a High School Diploma in Civil Construction from Phoenix University. I am currently employed with Classic Constructions as a construction worker, where I am responsible for loading and unloading of materials, handling the scaffoldings, controlling traffic near work areas, digging of trenches, backfilling excavations, and leveling of earth. As the organization is relocating, I am looking for a job that is closer to my location. My experience and expertise in this field will be a huge benefit to your construction business.

I am enthusiastic to meet you in an interview and hoping a positive response from you. Thank you for spending your valuable time from your schedule and considering my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Nicky J. Stackhouse

You can clear all your uncertainties regarding construction covering letters by getting yourself directed through construction job cover letter for civil construction jobs and designing a notable cover letter that guarantees you a job.

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