Follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs gives an opportunity for an aspiring applicant to outshine himself among the host of applicants, who are looking for a job in the engineering field. This effortless procedure of following up the telephone call makes you appear as an apt candidate for the position you have applied for. A telephone follow up cover letter is drafted to the recruiter after receiving the interview call or a call regarding any job opportunity in the organization. At most times, it is used for illustrating your thankfulness and gratitude for considering you suitable for the job. It also confirms your presence at the interview as per the schedule.

In addition, the telephone call follow up cover letter reflects your professionalism and eagerness for the job and that you are concerned about the recruiter’s call. By following up, you inject your correctness for the job in the mind of the employer prior to the interview which gives you a good start up in your recruitment procedure. Keep all your exhilaration and excitement aside and reserve some time for composing a well designed follow up cover letter after you receive the interview from the employer. This is an excellent chance to reinstate your relevant credentials to the reader and thus, amplify your prospects of attaining the job.

Do not be behind schedule while drafting your follow up cover letter. If possible, try to send it immediately, preferably within 24 hours, after receiving the interview call. Keep your letter short and specific with the usage of simple language and maintain a pleasant flow throughout your document.

This is an example cover letter for follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs .

George C. Hamlin
Recruiting Manager
Provincial Robotics
4968 Charack Road
Bloomington, IN 47408
Date: May 4. 2012

James Y. Watson
1684 Winding Way
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 702 7236

Dear Mr. Hamlin,

I was happy to receive your call this morning. Thank you for calling me and informing about the various job openings in your reputed organization.

This conversation was beneficial for me as it cleared all my doubts and enlightened me about the roles and responsibilities of different positions. It gave me a chance to measure my skills and credentials according to the employment opportunity that will go best with my job profile. I have done my Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and have an engineering experience of four years as a Mechanical Engineer. I would like to continue in the same field and request you to consider me, if I am suitable for any such job in your organization.

It would be great if you schedule an interview for me in this regard. You can contact me anytime for further procedures. Thank you for your time and consideration.


James Y. Watson

Follow up of telephone call for engineering jobs is an important step, where you show your appropriateness for the job and distinguish yourself from other contenders in the competition.

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