Letter of recommendation for banking jobs is so far proved to be the most successful tool in winning a banking job for the candidate. Recommendation letter is written by the recommender who wishes to recommend an individual for a particular job. Recommendation cover letter often assists the recruiters in their recruitment procedures and assessment of the candidates.

It is usually drafted by those who have worked closely with the individual like the employers, supervisor, managers etc., who are in a good position to recommend their employees based upon their views and findings about the candidate. Recommendation cannot be done by any person; the recommender needs to be aware of the individual’s abilities, talents, skills, attitude, personality and behavior to be an appropriate state to recommend.

It is important to draft the recommendation cover letter in a formal and professional approach. You can  get the name of the recruiter from the person whom you are recommending. Make sure you address it to the right person and prepare it within the set time. Mention how you are professionally associated with the individual with the reason for recommending the individual. Also, include the strong and positive points of the individual along with the awards, appreciations, achievement, job pertinent skills and abilities which make him/her worth of recommending for the particular job. Lastly, thank the reader for considering your letter.

This is an excellent sample of letter of recommendation for banking jobs. You can use it for your personal reference.


George G. Wren
The HR Manager
Reservoir Bank
1593 Pine Street
Portland, PA 97205  

Date: February 28, 2012


James J. Purdie
Branch Manager
Pecuniary Bank
2503 Horizon Circle
Kent, WA 98042
Phone: (253) 638 0999
Email Address: JamesJPurdie@teleworm.com

Dear Mr. Wren, 

I am writing this letter to recommend John K. Head for the position of Mortgage Banker in your organization. He has worked with Pecuniary Bank for five years in the mortgage banking department under my management. I have attached a copy of his customer appreciation letter with this letter.

John’s task was to build a new customer base for our bank by collecting useful information from different conferences and tutorials associated with mortgage banking. He was involved in providing appropriate mortgage alternatives to the customers. The service that he provided to the customers was exceptional which caused no problems for the customers whatsoever in approval. He was able to achieve customer satisfaction which resulted into many customer appreciations for his outstanding work.

I believe John is the best candidate for this position who will bring much profit and revenue to your organization. Hope you consider my request for hiring John as a mortgage banker in your organization. Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to consider my letter.


James J. Purdie

Enclosure: Customer Appreciation Letter

Letter of recommendation for banking jobs play a vital role in the candidate’s banking career. Do not hesitate to draft one when requested; provided the candidate is fit to be recommended.

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