The most generic use of a recommendation letter is to recommend a candidate for any job or internship. But a negative recommendation letter has a completely different use. This letter is written, when the employer does not wish to recommend their ex-employees to any company. An employer might draft letter of recommendation [negative] and send it to all other companies so that they are aware about the candidate's unprofessional and unethical behaviour. When you are drafting such letter, you need to possess written proof for the details that you include in the letter.

Steps to write letter of recommendation [negative] for legal jobs are as follows:
  • Contact details: Mention your contact details at top of the letter. It should include your name, designation, company's address, and email-id. Below your contact details, mention the current date. The receiver's address details must be mentioned below the current date. It is essential to mention these details correctly.

  • Salutation: Use professional salutation such as dear. Ex: Dear Mr. Smith

  • Introductory paragraph: In the first paragraph, mention the details about the employee, regarding whom you are providing negative feedback. Mention their name, designation, and tenure with the company. Let the receiver know the core reason why you are providing a negative feedback about that person. You must mention the details about the meetings with clients for legal work that the employee missed, which caused a great lost to the company. In this type of legal cover letter, you need to make sure that you provide a reason for the negative feedback.

  • Body of the letter: Here you need to mention the roles and responsibilities that you as an employer had assigned to your previous employee. Mention details about the unprofessional behaviour, inefficiency at work, or unethical behaviour that caused loss of credibility and assets of your organization. Make sure that you mention details about the constant feedbacks and warnings that were provided to the candidate. Let the receiver know that you took severe action after providing several chances for improvement to the person.

  • Concluding paragraph: In the concluding paragraph of the legal resume cover letters for negative recommendation, you should request the receiver to consider your suggestion. It is also important to thank them for their time and consideration in going through the letter.

  • Valediction: Professional valedictions such as regards, sincerely, respectfully must be used. Mention your name, title, and company's name below the valediction. Leave some space between the valediction and your name. When you are sending a hard copy, you need to sign in the space between your name and the valediction.

The letter of recommendation [negative] must be written in professional format. You should make the future employer's aware about the candidate's negative feedback. It is also vital to make sure that you have written proof about the details that you have mentioned in this legal cover letter. Proofread the cover letter before you send it to the concerned person. Keep a copy of this letter with you for future reference. Make sure that you draft this letter using professional fonts.

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