Negative recommendation letter for civil construction jobs speaks about the candidate’s unsuitability for a particular construction job due to his incapability or low performance during his previous employment with the organization. An employer can draft a negative recommendation cover letter also due to the unprofessional deeds or conduct and laid-back attitude of the employee. Hence, it is vital that you leave the organization, if required, on good notes.

Negative recommendation letters are a very exceptional and a typical kind of cover letter. However, due to the continued casual and informal behavior and no improvement shown in the work performance of the employee can permit the employer to draft a negative recommendation cover letter when asked for it. Positive recommendation letters also exist. Though, here the employer finds the employee as a fine performer who is able to do his work efficiently and meet his targets on time, and is by far a good and humane personality.

Employers need to be vigilant about the words and speech they use in their negative recommendation letters. Employers must understand the difference between professional and personal life. They should keep aside all the personal complaints, hurt feelings and grudges while composing a negative recommendation cover letter. This applies even for positive recommendation letters. It is only the performance and the attitude of the employee towards his work and co-employees that is to be considered.

In addition, the recommender should not include any bogus or false information; otherwise the recommender will be subjected to stringent legal actions.

Here is an example cover letter for negative recommendation letter for civil construction jobs.

Timothy J. Nelson
HR Manager
Sophisticate Constructions
4548 New York Avenue
Cleburne, TX 76031
Date: March 27, 2012

Robert P. German
Construction Manager
Relent Constructions
800 Sundown Lane
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 241 6502

Dear Mr. Nelson,

I would like to inform you that John V. Brown was working with Relent Constructions as a Plumber from February 12, 2011 to January 15, 2012. John was found to be unprofessional and incapable in completing the tasks assigned to him within the allocated time.

He did not follow the policies and rules made by the organization. He was casual and untailored towards his work. The organization had to incur many losses due his unskilled and amateurish work and uniformed leaves taken by him during peak times of our business. He was given ample training about the use of different plumbing tools, blueprint readings, measuring etc. Despite such scope of improvement given, he was unable to prove himself and showed no progress in his performance.

I hope you will consider my suggestion and reject his application for any construction job in your organization. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert P. German

The recommender should mention the definite segments in which the individual was found to be unsuited for the job in their negative recommendation letter for civil construction jobs. This example cover letter should be drafted within the expected time frame.

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