Negative recommendation letter for designing jobs is an officially drafted letter that lets the prospective employer discern about the applicant’s inappropriateness for the particular position. The employers also use this negative recommendation cover letter to caution the other employer about the candidate’s incongruity and negative aspects that may cause a loss for the organization if hired. A candidate can also be positively recommended by his previous employer on the basis of his excellent performance, dedication towards work, and his professional conduct in the organization.

The sender has to indicate the reason for giving a negative recommendation about the candidate in his negative recommendation letter. The candidate may be a poor performer, unprofessional in behavior and unwilling to show improvement in his work, unpunctual or had been involved in any business frauds. No matter what the reason is, the employer needs to specifically mention in his/her cover letter for negative recommendation.

However, there is no place for any forged or false date and facts about the candidate in the negative recommendation letter. Each and every part of the information in the letter has to be true; otherwise the sender will be legally acted upon. The employer should not merge the professional life and private life of the candidate while drafting this letter. The employer should shun away all resentment or grudges against the candidate and should not consider them in his/her negative recommendation letter.

The cover letter has to be drafted in a professional format with the usage of formal language and tone.

Here is an example cover letter for negative recommendation letter for designing jobs.

Maurice R. Jones
Recruiting Manager
Blossom Interior Inc.
2169 Tyler Avenue
Miami, FL 33106
Date: April 16, 2012

Michael M. Ridenhour
HR Manager
Caudwell Interiors
1881 Formula Lane
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (469) 547 4162
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Jones,

This is to inform you that Joseph H. Hunter was working with Caudwell Interiors as a Senior Interior Designer. He was found to be unethical in his conduct and was involved in illegal businesses and work that was against the industry laws and rules.

Joseph has an interior designing business of his own. It was regularly found that he used the company’s designing ideas and projects for his personal business. He misused our clientele data as well. Moreover, he was unable to finish the projects assigned to him within the allotted time. He was rude and unprofessional in his behavior with his colleagues. Not that we didn’t provide him any training and improvement sessions. Yet, he showed no progress in his work.

I do not recommend Joseph H. Hunter for any position in your organization. I have attached his termination letter and memo copy for your perusal. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Michael M. Ridenhour

For better reference, you can attach some documents like warning letter, termination letter or memorandum with your negative recommendation letter for designing jobs that will support your negative recommendation about the candidate.

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