A sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs gives you an improvement in your civil construction career by assisting you to receive valuable referrals and recommendations from your personal referrer. A personal referrer cover letter is a professional method of requesting for appropriate referrals and guidance for your career in the civil construction industry. It also demonstrates your formal decorum and modesty to your personal referrer which inspires him to guide and direct you in a precise manner.

Adding good references to your application can make it more effective and convince the employer of your aptness for the job. Your personal referrers can be anyone who is connected with the industry for a long time or is an experienced individual and holding a recognized position in the organization. Employers, managers, supervisors, corporate associates and professor/scholarly advisors can be put together as excellent referrers.

While drafting a cover letter to a personal referral, you need to mention your educational qualifications, work experiences, abilities, talents and skills that are pertinent to the job profile. You can also add your supporting documents like resume, experience letter or appreciation letter that will help your personal referrer to guide you appropriately and provide you with suitable referrals. Update your referrer on the recent activities or any transformations in your civil construction career.

You need to keep your personal referral letter short and precise avoiding redundant and surplus information that will confuse the reader and eventually, cause no help to you.

This is the best example of a sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs.


Glenn I. Seibert
Construction Manager
Visage Construction Services
4808 Upton Avenue
Bangor, ME 04401

Date: March 19, 2012


James N. Goodwin
4835 Hill Croft Farm Road
Sacramento, CA 95814
(530) 466 3677

Dear Mr. Seibert,

This is regarding my request for suitable advice and counsel from your side regarding my civil construction career. It would be great if you provide me appropriate referrals and help me get a job.

I was working with Facade Constructions as a Site Supervisor. I was responsible for the overall supervision of the construction project with efficient usage of laborers, material, and machines. I use to plan and maintain records on the progress of the project. Due to relocation, I had to resign from my job. I am looking for a job, which is nearby my location and would like to continue with similar profile. I want to face new challenges and practically make use of my skills and talents.

As you are a successful and experienced personality in this field, I request you to refer me to organizations that are looking for candidates with similar job profiles as mine.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


James N. Goodwin

A sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs can get you the most fitting and proper referral for your job by supporting you to build a well crafted personal referral cover letter.

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