Reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs is an influencing and a practical method of requesting for suggestions and advices that are suitable for your engineering career. The suggestion reference cover letter can be addressed to your seniors, professors, employers or alumni who are experienced and knowledgeable individuals and are capable of guiding you correctly in your career. It is best to get guided and directed from such personnel so as to choose the right field and take up a job that goes well with your profile. This will secure your career and further assist you to develop and excel in your profession.

In the field of engineering which is widespread and developing with the passing of time, candidates prefer receiving the valuable assistance for their engineering career from their superiors. However, this request for proper guidance related to the career needs to be presented in a formal manner without any illustration unprofessionalism or negligence. Composing a suggestion reference engineering cover letter is a fine technique which demonstrates your eagerness and professionalism towards your engineering career. This also impresses the reader about your concern towards the preferred job and compels him/her to lead you appropriately.

In your suggestion reference cover letter, you are required to indicate the source from which you received the reference of your recipient and mention the reason for drafting this letter. Inform the reader about your preferences for the job you are looking for in your letter. Include your abilities, achievements, qualifications, experiences and other areas of expertise so as to aid the person to channel you rightly in your job hunt procedure.

This is a sample cover letter for reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs.


Hugo A. Cochran
Project Manager
Congenial Engineering Limited
2109 Ash Street
Irving, TX 75063
Date: May 11, 2012


Charles C. Lawrence
4324 Valley View Drive
Brookline, MA 02146
(617) 730 1741

 Dear Mr. Cochran,

I got your reference from Mr. Adalberto S. Dennis who is the Sales Manager for Innovative Machines Ltd. It is a pleasure writing to you to receive appropriate suggestions and directions regarding my career from an expert and proficient individual like you.

I possess a profound knowledge about the manufacturing process of automobiles and keen interest in this field. I keep myself updated about the modern procedures and appliance used for manufacturing. I have worked with Apocalypse Engineers as a Production Engineer and was responsible for the designing and improvement of manufacturing equipments. It would be obliged if you suggest me the names of the organizations who are currently hiring candidates with similar job profile.

I have duly attached my resume and experience letter for your reference. I thank you for taking out your valuable time from your busy schedule and considering my letter.


Charles C. Lawrence

Make sure that you eliminate all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors from my reference letter for suggestion for engineering jobs. Proof-read the same to avoid any display of inattentiveness in your cover letter.

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