Sample cover letters reference for advertising jobs is not just a document, but a way in which you make yourself impressive before the employer and show your significance as an employee in gaining better future prospects for the organization. A cover letter holds a unique position in your attempt of marketing yourself to the employer. It is considered as a brief summary of your resume introducing you to the employer.

Your resume cover letter is the first impression that is likely to be created on the employer, therefore, pay great heed while writing the cover letter and make an attempt to compose an exceptional letter that will distinguish you from the other aspiring candidates.

Possessing an artistic and creative ability is a very obvious trait in the advertising industry. Demonstrating your designs, creations or portfolios is a good way of advertising your skills and talents to the employer. This industry also demands excellent communication skills. Understanding the expectations, needs, and the psychology of your targeted customers play a vital role in advertising your product to get more profits. The candidates need to flourish in the competitive environment with the desire to give their best to do well in the advertising industry.

Address your advertising cover letter to the right person and mention your phone or email address so that the employer can contact you for further procedures. Include only those qualifications and skills that are pertinent to the job description. Enlighten yourself with some information about the company- its values, success trends and general issues faced by the company. Lastly, express your gratitude and thankfulness to the employer for considering your letter.

Refer to this example of sample cover letters reference for advertising jobs and compose your own cover letter.

David C. Guerrero
The HR Manager
DMA Advertisings
4103 Rogers Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Date: February 8, 2012

Carlton P. Turner
2749 Rivendell Drive
Mineral City, OH 44656
(330) 859 0013

Reference: Referred by David K. Jones, Advertising Coordinator, DMA Advertisings

Dear Mr. Guerrero,

I got your reference from Mr. Jones who is employed as an Advertising Coordinator in your organization. He informed me about the job opening of a Copywriter in your organization for which I wish to apply.

I had a personal liking for language and writing since my school days. Pursuing this zeal for writing, I began my career as a Content Writer in Janet Software. Here, I worked for two years where I polished my writing skills and gained adequate knowledge about writing. I believe your reputed organization can really boost my career in the advertising industry. Also, the work environment is very important, which I came to know is very friendly and easy to work with.

I have enclosed my resume and experience letter for your reference. Thank you for considering my letter.


Carlton P. Turner

With sample cover letters reference for advertising jobs, you canassure yourself of your dream advertising job by creating a stand out cover letter.

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