It is essential that you send a thank you cover letter to the person who has provided you reference or some guidance to help you choose a correct career path. It is always expected to keep a professional approach when you are drafting such professional thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs. If the referrer has asked you to communicate certain details about your career to provide you guidance, then make sure that you mention those details in the cover letter. To create a good impression you need to write a well-planned, error-free thank you legal cover letter to referrer.

Steps to write thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs are as follows:

  1. Addresses: Like any professional letter, the thank you cover letter should include the addresses of sender and receiver. Mention your complete correspondence address followed by your email-id. Mention current date below your contact details. While mentioning the receivers address details use appropriate title to refer to the concerned person. Make sure that you write the address correctly, so that it reaches the appropriate person.

  2. Salutation: Do not use casual salutation such as 'hi' or 'hello'. Make sure you use professional salutation like 'dear'.

  3. First Paragraph: You should introduce yourself in the first paragraph of the letter. Let the receiver know why you are writing this letter. Thank them for their gratitude, let them know that you were touched by their gesture of gratitude.

  4. Middle Paragraph: In the body of this legal cover letters, mention details about how the guidance provided by the receiver has helped you to choose the right career path or helped other ways in your career. To make sure that your letter is effective and covers all the essential points, you should spend few minutes to jot down important points that you would like to include in your cover letter.

  5. Last Paragraph: You should thank the concerned person for their time. Let them know that you are obliged and would always be grateful for the help provided by them. If you have been asked to send some professional documents by the concerned person, then you can attach those documents in this thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs.

  6. Valediction: Make use of professional valediction like respectfully, regards or sincerely. Mention your name below after leaving few lines. Sign in the space above your name.

  7. Enclosures: If you are enclosing any document with the letter, then do mention it in the list of enclosures

The thank you cover letter to referrer for legal jobs must always have professional format. After drafting this letter, you need to proof read it twice or thrice to make it error-free. The sample cover letters for legal jobs or samples of thank you cover letter to referrer can be referred for guidance.

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