Thank you cover letter to referrer for civil construction jobs is a good approach towards your referrer to convey your gratitude for the referrals and assistance given regarding your civil construction career. Far being a part of corporate protocol, a thank you cover letter to referrer maintains your prospects of getting referred and guided appropriately in your career. Thanking the referrer is often ignored by the candidates; however, it is an element, which actually completes the job search process in a systematic way.

Civil construction field has evolved many sectors within and is developing with the course of time. Aspiring candidates are seeking for appropriate answers to their queries regarding their career and wants to get directed in the right way. Moreover, getting referred by someone is a plus in the hunt for your desired job. Hence, it is polite and courteous to genuinely thank the referrer for all the help provided to you.

A verbal word of thankfulness does not put much emphasis upon the trueness of your gratitude towards the referrer. Also, it depicts the wrong notion about the candidate being unprofessional and casual in his behavior. Thank you cover letter to referrer is a formal and professional system of showing your appreciation and gratitude towards your referrer.

You can tell the referrer how his/her recommendations and guidance helped you in your job search. Also, you can mention about your current employment status. You can express your need to maintain a professional relationship with your referrer for further leadership and assistance in your cover letter.

Here is an example cover letter for thank you cover letter to referrer for civil construction jobs for your personal reference.


Alfredo S. Stucker
Project Manager
Cymbal Constructions Ltd.
1051 Tenmile Road
Reading, MA 01867
Date: April 10, 2012

Brad A. Gee
847 D Street
Southfield, MI 48075
(586) 529 1764

Dear Mr. Stucker,

I would like to thank you for all the assistance given to me to enhance my civil construction career. Your suggestions and guidance have proved to be valuable in getting my dream job.

The discussion we had last week about the short and long term goals and career objectives gave me a new approach towards my career. It has boosted my confidence and helped me to eradicate all negativity in me. Your advice regarding my resume greatly helped me in composing a well designed and professional resume. I appreciate your effort of referring me to esteemed organizations for appropriate job profiles. I recently received an offer from Blaze Constructions, which has offered me a good compensation. I could have never achieved it without your referral and valuable directions.

I express my desire for sustained professional relationship for further recommendations and leadership from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Brad A. Gee

Your thank you cover letter to referrer for civil construction jobs has to short and specific without any spell or typographical errors. This may reflect negligence and informal attitude towards the referrer.

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