Acknowledging job offer cover letter for advertising jobs is an excellent approach towards the job offer extended by the organization. It is in response to the job offered by the organization. The aspiring candidates often get excited and enthusiastic when they get the job offer without even analyzing the terms and conditions and the suitability of the job. They need to get over their excitement and serenely consider the job offer; whether to accept or decline the job offer. And if, the candidate has applied for a job to a number of firms, at the end of the day he/she has to pick the best suited job offer from the many offers the candidate might have received or is in anticipation of.

The acknowledgement cover letter is also a good strategy to keep the doors of opportunities open for you; regardless of you accepting or declining of the job offer. Usually, the employer expects the candidate to take the decision within one or two day’s time. If the candidate responds immediately with his /her decision, it may reflect impetuosity or casualness for the job offered. On the other hand, the candidate cannot take too long to respond to the job offer. In such cases, just sending a well drafted acknowledging job offer cover letter can do the job for you.

You can go through this sample of acknowledging job offer cover letter for advertising jobs for better understanding.
The HR Manager
Jade Influx Artists
Jonathon C. Hobbs
254 White Avenue
Edna, TX 77957

Date: January 23, 2012

Michael W. Grayson
3684 Camden Street
Sparks, NV 89431
(775)-355 7202
Email address:

Dear Mr. Jonathon C. Hobbs,

I am glad to receive your job offer which has offered me the position of a Public Relations Manager in your well known organization. I am grateful to receive this offer and I hereby acknowledge it.

I am already quite impressed with the reputation that Jade Influx Artists holds and the kind of influence it has in the advertising market. However, I would be revealing my decision by February 1, 2012. I thank you for giving me sufficient time to make an important decision of my career. It was great meeting you at the interview; I found your staff very cooperative. It would be my pleasure to work with such efficient and proficient individuals that will make my take my advertising career to the next level. I firmly believe that my decision would be in support of your firm and my vocation too.

Please contact me for any further procedures and clarifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Michael W. Grayson

With acknowledging job offer cover letter for advertising jobs, you can keepthe employer interested and dictate your professional attitude and civility towards the job.

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