Banking senior cover letter for banking jobs helps you to highlight your acquaintance and understanding of the banking sector and showcase your determination towards the job. A cover letter works as a preface of your job profile to your prospective employer. It is a much needed opportunity that the candidates seek to put across their practicality as a strong contestant for this job  and the skill to communicate in a polished and formal way.

Banking seniors have to demonstrate their managerial and supervising skills and ability to handle work pressure. They are responsible for developing new banking services and products to enhance the banking sales of the organization. They are to give appropriate instructions to the staff and make sure that the regular banking policies are observed. They are expected to supervise the entire functioning of the banking organization assigned to them and maintain customer records and important banking related documents. They need to possess sound banking backdrop and considerate banking experience.

When drafting your resume cover letter for senior banking position, highlight your qualifications, experiences skills, talents and abilities that will convince the employer of your aptness for the job. Do not stuff your cover letter with redundant information that will put off the reader. Highlight only specific points that are relevant to the job. Personalize your cover letter and make use of simple and pleasurable tone throughout the letter.

Here is a sample of banking senior cover letter for banking jobs:


Dale S. Downs  
The HR Manager  
Major Banking Cooperation  
4073 Hillhaven Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Date: February 25, 2012


Ronald G. Williams
347 Worthington Drive
Dallas, TX 75207
(972) 632 0135

Dear Mr. Downs,  

With reference to your job advertisement published in Banking Employment newspaper, I wish to apply for the position of Senior Bank Officer in your organization. I have attached my resume for your reference.  

I am a graduate in Business Administration from Carolina University. Additionally, I have done a diploma in Applied Finance. I have a working experience of six years in the banking industry. In these six years, I have gained adequate knowledge and have become acquainted and efficient in the banking field. Currently, I am working with Innovative Bank designated as Senior Public Relation Manager. I handle the examination and investigation of work operations, employee overtime, sales department, capital management to make certain the proficient working of banking business in the organization. I have the potential in building professional relationship with the clientele.  

I believe that my exposure to the banking sector and in depth knowledge of the same will take your organization to new heights of success. I would be highly obliged if you schedule an interview for me.  

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Ronald G. Williams

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes prior to sending your banking senior cover letter for banking jobs. This will demonstrate your alertness and detail oriented attitude which is much demanded in the banking industry.

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