Letter of recommendation for advertising jobs is written by the employer in the favor of an employee who has worked in his/her organization based on the performance and conduct of the employee. As an employer, it is your responsibility to support your former employees in their quest for an advertising job and similarly, lend a helping hand to find a perfect match for their capabilities and ambitions. The best way to do is to discuss their career plans and long term career goals before they initiate applying for jobs. If their career goals are impractical, advice them what do they need to do to improve on it and become more competitive.

The recommender has to put down his/her views and observations about the candidate in the recommendation letter. Cover letter for recommendation is not always written by employers, seniors or supervisors, they can also be written by fellow employees or colleagues, provided they are more established and have spent enough time in the industry to recommend you.

A recommendation cover letter should only be written by those who can truthfully and candidly write a supportive letter for the particular candidate. It is a very important document for any candidate seeking a leap towards success in his/her career. Hence, it is necessary to know the candidate’s personality, character and working abilities before writing the letter. If you are not familiar with the candidate to write the letter of recommendation, unashamedly inform it to the candidate.

Make sure you gather all the necessary information before composing a letter of recommendation. Ask the candidate to provide you the recipient’s name and address. Get to know the deadline for sending the recommendation letter; accordingly assign sufficient time to write the recommendation letter.

Sample Cover Letter of Recommendation for Advertising Jobs.

Thomas A. Payne
The HR Head
Gomes Advertising Firm
2348 Roguski Road
West Monroe, LA 71292
Date: February 3, 2012

Domingo C. Easley
Advertising Director
Blaze Advertising
3960 Memory Lane
Dekalb, IL 60115
(815) 989 7967

 Dear Mr. Payne,

I had a pleasurable experience while working with David C. Thomas during his tenure of five years in Blaze Advertising. We worked in partnership for several projects and I found him as an exceptional team player and an industrious worker.

David was very supportive in his work and performed all of his tasks assigned to him quite well. Most of the new tasks he initiated were handled efficiently and calmly. He was a regularly nominated by the management for the monthly awards because of his consistent performance throughout the month. He is also sincere and diligent with his work.

I would like to highly recommend David C. Thomas for any position in your organization. He is one such individual that anybody would like to work with.

Yours sincerely,

Domingo C. Easley

In order to interest the reader, you can add an unusual term or a unique characteristic of the candidate in the cover letter of recommendation for advertising jobs.

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