Resume cover letter for legal job should be drafted in a professional and attractive manner, so that the recruiter gets impressed by its first look. The main aim of writing legal resume cover letter is to get an interview call from the employer of the related domain. In a nut shell, a cover letter acts as a supportive document for your resume, highlighting the essential details in an effective manner. Usually the cover letter contains three sections in total. The header that includes the reference details (i.e. the source from which you came to know about this job) and the objective of drafting the cover letter, the body that contains the information about the personal and professional details in short as well as the contact details and the conclusion that includes thanks for the employer for their consideration and valuable time spent to go through the letter.

Important tips before drafting the sample legal cover letters

There are some of the essential tips that you need to follow before drafting a well-planned and attractive cover letter, which are as follows:
  • The legal cover letter should have a professional outlook, spotlighting the professional qualification in a positive manner. It also includes the objective of writing the cover letter, academic qualifications, important duties and responsibilities that you undertook in different organizations and the achievements and awards that you received for delivering the excellent work.

  • It should follow a specific and professional format. It should not be in a haphazard manner. Make sure that you have used the same font-name and font-size throughout the cover letter.

  • The information in the cover letter should match the information in your resume that is attached with the cover letter; otherwise it creates a negative impact on the recruiter.

  • Do not unnecessarily lengthen the cover letter, as you need to stick to the basics. Use bullet points to give the cover letter a professional outlook.

  • Proofread the cover letter 2 or 3 times before you send it to the employer, so as to minimize the errors to a great extent. Basically check for four things: grammatical errors, spelling, vocabulary and sentence construction.

To sum up, drafting a cover letter is quite different from that of a resume. But many job seekers do not know this fact, as they send their resume without the cover letter. The main difference between a cover letter and a resume is that a cover letter has a specified format and the same cover letter cannot be send to all the company, but it is the reverse in case of the resume. You can also refer to free legal cover letters, as you will get a clear idea of what all things that is essential for drafting a cover letter. Do remember to attach the resume and the essential documents with the cover letter, as per the requirement.

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