Thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs is a letter that showcases your gratefulness towards the referrer for helping you in your pursuit for a banking job that is best suitable for you. In this competitive world, every candidate is striving to show their best to the employers with an intention of winning the job. In order to gain advantage over other candidates and increase the chances to getting the job, the candidates look for referrals, guidance and suggestions from their personal referrals. The referrer thus provides valuable referrals and recommendation to the candidate when asked for it.

Thanking the referrer over the phone, email or snail mails have become common these days. Also, it gives an idea about you being casual and unconcerned about your job. It may unknowingly show ungratefulness towards your referrer even though you may not intend to do so. Drafting a thank you cover letter to the referrer is only one of its kind of demonstrating your thank fullness to the referrer. It is inclined much towards the professional aspect of etiquette when it comes to the illustration of your gratitude towards the referrer. It shows how committed and earnest you are towards your job and how important is this job in order to prosper in your career.

In your thank you cover letter to referrer, you need to show how valuable and vital were the referrals, suggestions and guidance of the referrer in enhancing your career. Let know how helpful the referrer was in landing in your desired job.

Here is an example of thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs. You can use it for personal reference.

Roy M. Sawicki
Branch Manager
Gold Bank
1653 Laurel Lee
Kansas City, MO 64106  

Date: March 4, 2012

Mark M. Mollica
2587 Gambler Lane
Houston, TX 77063
(281) 881 6070

Dear Mr. Sawicki,

This is to inform you that your productive opinions and guidance has helped me significantly in developing my banking career. I would like to convey my thankfulness and gratitude to you for the same.

In our first meeting, you shared your experiences and complete knowledge about banking which enlightened about various aspects and career opportunities in the banking industry. Your appropriate directives in composing a professional resume have helped me in getting interview calls from esteemed organizations in the country. Your counseling has given me great momentum to accept the career challenges and boost my confidence and morale. I was able to attain a job in Capital Investment Bank through your reference. I find this job very satisfying and appropriate to my profile.

I thank you for being a guiding light for my banking career. I hope for a persistent formal relationship between you and me for future guidance and leadership for my career.


Mark M. Mollica

Don’t miss on assuring your referrer of an unremitting professional affiliation for more aid and directions in your thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs.

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