Thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs is a letter that showcases your gratefulness towards the referrer for helping you in your pursuit for a banking job that is best suitable for you. In this competitive world, every candidate is striving to show their best to the employers with an intention of winning the job. In order to gain advantage over other candidates and increase the chances to getting the job, the candidates look for referrals, guidance and suggestions from their personal referrals. The referrer thus provides valuable referrals and recommendation to the candidate when asked for it.

Thanking the referrer over the phone, email or snail mails have become common these days. Also, it gives an idea about you being casual and unconcerned about your job. It may unknowingly show ungratefulness towards your referrer even though you may not intend to do so. Drafting a thank you cover letter to the referrer is only one of its kind of demonstrating your thank fullness to the referrer. It is inclined much towards the professional aspect of etiquette when it comes to the illustration of your gratitude towards the referrer. It shows how committed and earnest you are towards your job and how important is this job in order to prosper in your career.

In your thank you cover letter to referrer, you need to show how valuable and vital were the referrals, suggestions and guidance of the referrer in enhancing your career. Let know how helpful the referrer was in landing in your desired job.

Here is an example of thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs. You can use it for personal reference.

Roy M. Sawicki
Branch Manager
Gold Bank
1653 Laurel Lee
Kansas City, MO 64106  

Date: March 4, 2012

Mark M. Mollica
2587 Gambler Lane
Houston, TX 77063
(281) 881 6070

Dear Mr. Sawicki,

This is to inform you that your productive opinions and guidance has helped me significantly in developing my banking career. I would like to convey my thankfulness and gratitude to you for the same.

In our first meeting, you shared your experiences and complete knowledge about banking which enlightened about various aspects and career opportunities in the banking industry. Your appropriate directives in composing a professional resume have helped me in getting interview calls from esteemed organizations in the country. Your counseling has given me great momentum to accept the career challenges and boost my confidence and morale. I was able to attain a job in Capital Investment Bank through your reference. I find this job very satisfying and appropriate to my profile.

I thank you for being a guiding light for my banking career. I hope for a persistent formal relationship between you and me for future guidance and leadership for my career.


Mark M. Mollica

Don’t miss on assuring your referrer of an unremitting professional affiliation for more aid and directions in your thank you cover letter to referrer for banking jobs.
Letter of recommendation for banking jobs is so far proved to be the most successful tool in winning a banking job for the candidate. Recommendation letter is written by the recommender who wishes to recommend an individual for a particular job. Recommendation cover letter often assists the recruiters in their recruitment procedures and assessment of the candidates.

It is usually drafted by those who have worked closely with the individual like the employers, supervisor, managers etc., who are in a good position to recommend their employees based upon their views and findings about the candidate. Recommendation cannot be done by any person; the recommender needs to be aware of the individual’s abilities, talents, skills, attitude, personality and behavior to be an appropriate state to recommend.

It is important to draft the recommendation cover letter in a formal and professional approach. You can  get the name of the recruiter from the person whom you are recommending. Make sure you address it to the right person and prepare it within the set time. Mention how you are professionally associated with the individual with the reason for recommending the individual. Also, include the strong and positive points of the individual along with the awards, appreciations, achievement, job pertinent skills and abilities which make him/her worth of recommending for the particular job. Lastly, thank the reader for considering your letter.

This is an excellent sample of letter of recommendation for banking jobs. You can use it for your personal reference.


George G. Wren
The HR Manager
Reservoir Bank
1593 Pine Street
Portland, PA 97205  

Date: February 28, 2012


James J. Purdie
Branch Manager
Pecuniary Bank
2503 Horizon Circle
Kent, WA 98042
Phone: (253) 638 0999
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Wren, 

I am writing this letter to recommend John K. Head for the position of Mortgage Banker in your organization. He has worked with Pecuniary Bank for five years in the mortgage banking department under my management. I have attached a copy of his customer appreciation letter with this letter.

John’s task was to build a new customer base for our bank by collecting useful information from different conferences and tutorials associated with mortgage banking. He was involved in providing appropriate mortgage alternatives to the customers. The service that he provided to the customers was exceptional which caused no problems for the customers whatsoever in approval. He was able to achieve customer satisfaction which resulted into many customer appreciations for his outstanding work.

I believe John is the best candidate for this position who will bring much profit and revenue to your organization. Hope you consider my request for hiring John as a mortgage banker in your organization. Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to consider my letter.


James J. Purdie

Enclosure: Customer Appreciation Letter

Letter of recommendation for banking jobs play a vital role in the candidate’s banking career. Do not hesitate to draft one when requested; provided the candidate is fit to be recommended.
Banking senior cover letter for banking jobs helps you to highlight your acquaintance and understanding of the banking sector and showcase your determination towards the job. A cover letter works as a preface of your job profile to your prospective employer. It is a much needed opportunity that the candidates seek to put across their practicality as a strong contestant for this job  and the skill to communicate in a polished and formal way.

Banking seniors have to demonstrate their managerial and supervising skills and ability to handle work pressure. They are responsible for developing new banking services and products to enhance the banking sales of the organization. They are to give appropriate instructions to the staff and make sure that the regular banking policies are observed. They are expected to supervise the entire functioning of the banking organization assigned to them and maintain customer records and important banking related documents. They need to possess sound banking backdrop and considerate banking experience.

When drafting your resume cover letter for senior banking position, highlight your qualifications, experiences skills, talents and abilities that will convince the employer of your aptness for the job. Do not stuff your cover letter with redundant information that will put off the reader. Highlight only specific points that are relevant to the job. Personalize your cover letter and make use of simple and pleasurable tone throughout the letter.

Here is a sample of banking senior cover letter for banking jobs:


Dale S. Downs  
The HR Manager  
Major Banking Cooperation  
4073 Hillhaven Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Date: February 25, 2012


Ronald G. Williams
347 Worthington Drive
Dallas, TX 75207
(972) 632 0135

Dear Mr. Downs,  

With reference to your job advertisement published in Banking Employment newspaper, I wish to apply for the position of Senior Bank Officer in your organization. I have attached my resume for your reference.  

I am a graduate in Business Administration from Carolina University. Additionally, I have done a diploma in Applied Finance. I have a working experience of six years in the banking industry. In these six years, I have gained adequate knowledge and have become acquainted and efficient in the banking field. Currently, I am working with Innovative Bank designated as Senior Public Relation Manager. I handle the examination and investigation of work operations, employee overtime, sales department, capital management to make certain the proficient working of banking business in the organization. I have the potential in building professional relationship with the clientele.  

I believe that my exposure to the banking sector and in depth knowledge of the same will take your organization to new heights of success. I would be highly obliged if you schedule an interview for me.  

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Ronald G. Williams

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes prior to sending your banking senior cover letter for banking jobs. This will demonstrate your alertness and detail oriented attitude which is much demanded in the banking industry.
Bank teller cover letter for banking jobs is a constructive and practical method of representing your dexterity and proficiency as a bank teller to your prospective employer. It is not what you have but how your present it to the employer is of utmost importance. One of the unique ways to do it is through a well written cover letter. In numerous situations, a resume cover letter is utilized as a prologue of your job profile which is an adjunct to your resume or curriculum vitae.

Your bank teller cover letter gives a foretaste of your profile without realizing the need to go through your resume. If your cover letter happens to impress the employer then there is a possibility that the employer can go ahead and review your resume. Therefore, compose a cover letter that will make you stand out and lure the employer to consider your profile for the interview. Your cover letter should not exceed three paragraphs taking into consideration that the employers receive hundreds of applications each day which they need to assess within no time. Lengthy cover letters are most likely to get rejected in the first look itself. Your cover letter should be short and concise, at the same time interesting to the reader.

Your covering letter should inform the employer about your qualifications, experiences and related professional education or specializations to show your aptness for the job. Mention a strong and convincing reason for hiring you for the particular position and how are you different from the other candidates. Provide proper contact details and conclude with a pleasing tone requesting for a round of interview.

This is an example of bank teller cover letter for banking jobs.


James A. Mast
The Hiring Manager
First Trust Bank 1
136 Longview Avenue
New York, NY 10010  
Date: February 23, 2012

Ray E. Clouse
2232 Hedge Street
Belleville, NJ 07109
(908) 648 9916

Reference: Referred by Terry J. Flores, Bank Manager, Unique Co-operative Bank    

Dear Mr. Mast,  

I am writing this letter as I am seeking an employment opportunity as a Bank Teller in your well-regarded organization. I got your reference from Terry J. Flores; an experienced personnel in this field. During my tenure of five years in Express Bank, I have received a good exposure of various job responsibilities of a bank teller like making payments, resolving customer’s issues, handling customer deposit, promoting and selling a variety of financial products to the customers. I was also able to reach my targets quite comfortably. My natural knack of building a professional relationship using my communication skills has helped me in a great way.

I believe that I am the best contender for this job, hence I request you to arrange a meeting to discuss my application further.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ray E. Clouse

Bank teller cover letter for banking jobs should be drafted in a unique fashion using professional language which will compel the employer to consider your application.
Acknowledging job offer cover letter for banking jobs is a professional and formal way of responding to a job offer. It helps the candidate to get over the anxiety and excitement after receiving the job offer; at the same time it allows the candidate to take the right decision whether to accept or decline the job offer. The candidate gets enough time to carefully look into the rules, specifications and the integral part of the job offer which is very important before taking the decision.

Usually the candidates go through a number of job opportunities and have to settle with one such job offer which best goes well with their profile. In such circumstances, an acknowledging job offer banking cover letterbecomes vital to keep the job avenues open for the candidate and also provides sufficient time to take the most important decision of their banking career.

Watch closely the deadline for accepting the job offer; accordingly decide the time for sending the job offer acknowledgement cover letter. Ideally, it has to be sent immediately after receiving the job offer before revealing your decision to the employer. Letting too much time to pass by can show your lack of interest in the job. Acknowledging the job offer reflects your professionalism and seriousness towards the applied job. Your acknowledgement cover letter should express your thankfulness towards the employer for choosing you as a suitable candidate for the applied position.

Here is a sample of acknowledging job offer cover letter for banking jobs. You can use it for your personal reference.

Eli A. Robinson The HR Manager
916 Chandler Hollow Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Date: February 29, 2012

Billy K. Nelson
4158 Carriage Lane
Mansfield, OH 44907
Phone: (567) 876 5808
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am pleased to receive the job offer of ‘Bank Customer Service Representative’ in your esteemed organization. I take great pleasure in acknowledging this job offer.

I would like to thank you for considering me as an apt contender and eligible candidate for this particular position in your organization. I am aware of the particulars and the terms and conditions of the job offer. I promise you to give my decision by March 1, 2012 as requested by you. I am aware of the particulars and the terms and conditions of the job offer. I am grateful for providing me enough time to make my decision that will comprehend both the requirements of your organization and my banking career objectives.

Please contact me any time on the contact details mentioned above for further procedures and clarifications. Thank you for your precious time and consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Billy K. Nelson

Acknowledging your banking job offer can put you in the forefront of the competition. An apt way to do it is by simply responding with an acknowledging job offer cover letter for banking jobs that will imitate your eagerness for the job.

A sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs is an official letter written to the personal referrer asking for referral or recommendation and proper assistance regarding the banking career. It gives a quick lead in the race of a flourishing banking career as personal referrals can work wonders for you in your expedition of job search. A lot of candidates are indecisive in requesting for a personal referral from their referrers. But, truth is that the referral requests are welcomed by the referrers and they take it as a responsibility to provide appropriate referrals to the candidates, thus helping them to reach their career aims and objectives.

The finest way to request for a personal referral is by sending a cover letter to your referrer than giving a phone call as it can be easily declined, but a cover letter can at least make the referrer think over it. Your application gets a close look from the employers, when your application says that you are referred for the position. Personal referrals are so far the best source of getting hired for the particular position. Basically, you amplify your probabilities of getting selected for the job.

The banking cover letter to personal referral has to be drafted in a professional and formal way. Avoid being casual with your referrer even if he/she is a known person. Give details about your education, experience, abilities and talents that will help the referrer to guide you accordingly. Be precise and direct and avoid adding unnecessary information. Ask for appropriate directions and end the letter by thanking your referrer for his/her consideration.

This is a sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs.



Douglas P. Patton  
Senior Manager  
Bank of Florida  
3191 George Street
Gainesville, FL 32601  
Date: February 13, 2012

Harlan D. Moore
505 Foley Street
Jupiter, FL 33478
(954) 707 3223   

Dear Mr. Patton,  

I got your contact details from a job portal while I was browsing the inter net. I am writing this letter to gain some guidance and proper directions from your side in the form of a referral.

I am banking graduate from New Banking Institute. I have also completed a professional course in Banking & Financial Services. I have in-depth knowledge about various aspects of retail banking. I understand that banking is an active and rapidly transforming profession where I need to be steady and ready to learn new things. I want to become a bank manager as I firmly believe that I do possess the required skills and potential.  

I request you to recommend my profile to the organizations that you are aware of and share your experiences that will guide me appropriately to a successful banking career. Thanking you for your time and consideration.   Regards,   Signature   Harlan D. Moore

Now you can start drafting an excellent personal referral cover letter with the help of a sample cover letter to personal referral for banking jobs and prove yourself being worthy  of being referred.    


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